Continents of the world Oceans & Deepest points in the World Geography

World Geography Continents, Oceans & Deepest Point 7 Continents of the World 1. Asia 2. Africa 3. North America 4. South America 5. Antarctica 6. Europe 7. Australia Asia. Is the main landmass joined to two others?

World Geography (GK) | Questions and Answers General Knowledge

World Geography (GK) | General Knowledge  1. What nation is otherwise called Persia? An: Iran 2. In what nation would you discover Mount Kilimanjaro? A: Tanzania 3. What real stream courses through the Great Gulch? Ans: Colorado

Indian History (GK) | General Knowledge

Indian History (GK) | General Knowledge 1. The Skirmish of Plassey was battled in Ans: 1757. 2. The domain of Porus who offered solid imperviousness to Alexander was arranged between the streams of Ans: Jhelum and Chenab.

Indian Commissions and Committees (GK) General Knowledge

Indian Commissions and Committees (GK) 1. Palekar Tribunal:- Journalists Pay changes. 2. U.C. Banerjee Commission:- Enquiry into Godhra gores (railroads). 3. Sarkaria Commission:- Center – State relations. 4. Srikrishna Commission:- 1992 Bombay riots 5. Thakkar Commission:- Indira

World History (GK) General Knowledge Questions and Answers

  World History (GK) General Knowledge 01. Which of the accompanying nations was not part of the Soviet Union in 1991? Ans: Yugoslavia. 02. The area Yugoslavia was isolated into 7 nations? Which of the accompanying is