Continents of the world Oceans & Deepest points in the World Geography

World Geography Continents, Oceans & Deepest Point

7 Continents of the World

1. Asia

2. Africa

3. North America

4. South America

5. Antarctica

6. Europe

7. Australia


Is the main landmass joined to two others?

Contains the world’s greatest country (China).

Contains the most noteworthy point on Earth (Mount Everest).

Is the main landmass where tigers are found in nature?


Contains the world’s longest waterway (The Nile).

Contains the world’s biggest desert (The Sahara).

Contains a larger number of nations than some other landmass.

The vast majority of the world’s gold and precious stones originate from Africa.

North America.

Is joined to Asia by ice in winter (Bering Ocean).

Is the main landmass that untruths totally in the Northern and Western Sides of the equator?

Contains the world’s tallest mountain (Mount Kea).

Contains the world’s biggest new water (Lake Unrivaled).

South America.

Contains the world’s Southern most cities (Puente’s Enclosures).

Contains the world’s biggest stream framework (The Amazon).


Is the main mainland totally secured in ice?

Is the main mainland that is uninhabited by people (albeit a few researchers live there for brief timeframes).


Through colonization, at one time administered the greater part of whatever remains of the world.

Has been the beginning stage of both World Wars.


Australia is an island mainland and the world’s 6th biggest nation (7,682,300 sq km).

Capital: Canberra
5 Deepest points in World

1. Mariana Trench, Pacific 35,827 ft

2. Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic 30,246 ft

3. Java Trench, Indian 24,460 ft

4. Cold Bowl, Ice 18,456 ft

5. Southern Sea, 23,737 ft


5 World Ocean by Size

1. Pacific (155,557,000 sq km)

2. Atlantic (76,762,000 sq km)

3. Indian (68,556,000 sq km)

4. Southern (20,327,000 sq km)

5. Cold (14,056,000 sq km)

Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Sea is situated between the Southern Sea, Asia and Australia and the Western Half of the globe covers around 33% of the world’s surface, it covers 28% of the Earth

Most profound point is the Challenger Profound inside Mariana Trench close Japan.

Atlantic Ocean.

It’s most prominent profundity is in the Puerto Rico Trench at 8,605 meters (28,231 feet).

It is situated between Africa, Europe, the Southern Sea and the Western Side of the equator.

Atlantics major negligible oceans incorporate the Mediterranean Ocean, the North Ocean, the Baltic Ocean, Hudson Straight, the Bay of Mexico, and the Caribbean Ocean.

Indian Ocean.

It is situated between Africa, the Southern Sea, Asia and Australia.

Its most profound point is the Java trench, at 7,725 m.

Southern Ocean.

The Southern Sea is the world’s most up to date and fourth-biggest sea. The most profound point in the Southern Sea is anonymous however it is in the south end of the South Sandwich Trench and has a profundity of – 23,737 feet (- 7,235 m).

Cold Sea.

The Cold Sea is the littlest sea – more than five times littler than the Indian and Atlantic seas. It stretches out between Europe, Asia and North America and a large portion of its waters are north of the Cold Circle its most profound point is the Ranch Bowl at – 15,305 feet (- 4,665 m).

Ice Sea is secured by a floating polar icepack that is a normal of ten feet (three meters) thick.



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