World Geography (GK) | Questions and Answers General Knowledge

World Geography (GK) | General Knowledge 

1. What nation is otherwise called Persia?

An: Iran

2. In what nation would you discover Mount Kilimanjaro?

A: Tanzania

3. What real stream courses through the Great Gulch?

Ans: Colorado Waterway

4. What name is given toward the upper east piece of China?

A: Manchuria

5. What is the fundamental island of Japan?

A: Honshu

6. In what city is the Brandenburg Entryway found?

A: Berlin

7. In what nation would you discover the city of Limerick?

An: Ireland

8. What understood mountain pass associates Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Ans: Khyber Pass

9. What fountain of liquid magma blasted in 1883 with the power of 200 megatons of dynamite?

Ans: Krakatoa

10. Old Trafford stadium is situated close what significant city?

Ans: Manchester

11. Ceylon is the previous name of what nation?

Ans: Sri Lanka

12. What city was once called New Amsterdam?

Ans: New York City

13. What valley is the site of the World’s most elevated ever recorded temperature, 134°F?

Ans: Demise Valley

14. Albania and Serbia are situated on what landmass?

Ans: Balkan

15. What is Pakistan’s longest waterway?

Ans: Indus Waterway

16. What strait partitions Morocco and Spain?

Ans: Strait of Gibraltar

17. By surface territory, what is the biggest of Africa’s extraordinary lakes?

Ans: Victoria

18. What nation is frequently depicted as being formed like a boot?

Ans: Italy

19. What is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Ocean?

Ans: Sicily

20. What waterway associates the Red and Mediterranean Oceans?

Ans: Suez Waterway

21. Which is the world’s biggest vagrant and deserted kids philanthropy?

Ans: SOS Kids’ Towns UK

22. Island Avionics Administrations is the Administration run carriers of ?

Ans: Maldives

23. In which nation is the Hillary-Tenzing Airplane terminal arranged?

Ans: Nepal

24. Name the nation which is the support of western great music, known as ‘The place that is known for music’?

Ans: Austria

25. Which nation is the main egg maker on the planet?

Ans: China

26. Which pig out in Nepal is most profound on the planet?

Ans: Kali Gandaki Gorge (Andha Galchi)

27. The Homolographic projection has the right representation of?

Ans: region

28. The latitudinal contrasts in weight depict various significant weight zones, which compare with?

Ans: zones of atmosphere

29. The higher the wind speed and the more extended the get or separation of vast water crosswise over which the wind blows and waves travel, the waves and the vitality they prepare?

Ans: bigger, more

30. The risks of radiation belts incorporate?

Ans: Australia

31. The converging lines drawn on maps and globes are?

Ans: geographic lattices

32. The light of inaccessible stars is influenced by?

Ans: both (an) and (b)

33. The landmass of which of the accompanying mainlands is the minimum?

Ans: Australia

34. Without the equator would be much more sweltering than it is while the posts would be much cooler?

Ans: All are comparative terms

35. The natural surroundings profitable for monetarily gathered species are called?

Ans: ocean grass bed

36. Which of the accompanying is tropical field?

Ans: Savannah

37. With the crumbling of USSR in end 1991, included Union Republics?

Ans: 15

38. The iron and steel commercial ventures of which of the accompanying nations are completely reliant on imported crude materials?

Ans: Japan

39. The temperature increments quickly after?

Ans: ionosphere

40. The dampness of the air relies on?

Ans: The greater part of the above

41. The groundwater can get to be bound between two impermeable layers. This sort of encased water is called?

Ans: artesian

42. The biggest ice sheets are?

Ans: mainland icy masses

43. The ionosphere incorporates?

Ans: thermosphere and exosphere

44. The most astounding level of centralization of mineral stores are found in?

Ans: northeastern zone

45. The gathering of minerals artificially containing hydrocarbons is?

Ans: natural gathering

46. The iron mineral mined at Bailadila is for the most part?

Ans: haematite

47. The main state in delivering paper is?

Ans: West Bengal

48. The biggest ridge documents are found in?

Ans: both (an) and (b)

49. The Harmattan is?

Ans: The greater part of the above



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